Difference is in the experience

Presenting a glimpse of the finest cuisine Sydney has to offer. This is where your heart and tongue will melt from the taste of delicacy. We are group of passionate connoisseurs who have dedicated their lives' greatest learning and experiences gathered from working in this industry for years.

We offer nothing but the best. Our growing family of restaurants boast unique personalities, never diverting from our core value of serving the finest steak dishes that spearheaded our success across the state.

Our Brand

Elements Bar and Grill has become a dream destination among connoisseurs who appreciate taste of fine food over anything else. No matter what the weather is like around you, you will find it right at home with our cozy seating arrangement and homely ambience. You will be surrounded with smell of freshly cooked steaks, close glimpse of elegant wine and vibe of euphoria coming from our staffs who aspire to go the extra mile to bring the best food you truly deserve.

Whenever you are waiting for your food to come to your table, you may as well take a sneak peak at our meat fridge which is nothing but a teaser of what’s cooking inside. Our customers have fallen in love with this place, its people and what we offer.

It's all about...Taste, smell and sight

The team behind Elements Bar and Grill is united by a passion for food – refined, quality, flavoursome food. We believe in sourcing the best ingredients, in knowing where that produce comes from and in employing the best cooking techniques to elicit the flavours each element of that produce deserves.

We believe in the essence of hospitality – of providing a warm, welcoming refuge that’s as comfortable and cozy as your loungeroom, but with a touch of special occasion intertwined.

And yes, we have credentials - runs on the board as hospitality veterans, but ultimately the dining journey is about the guests, not the host’s lengthy resume.

Instead, we seek to gather the kernels of our experience, sear them on the grill of expectation and set them alight with a wholesome helping of pure taste sensation to serve up a dining experience that delights and enraptures every time you walk through our doors.

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