Top 5 ways to find the best steakhouse in Sydney

So, you are in need of a sensational steak experience? However, you’ve yet to enjoy the ultimate steak taste and you’re not too sure where to go? Well, tighten your saddle and buckle up, let’s steer (no pun intended) you to beef up (intended) your steakhouse knowledge and indulge with a brilliant dining experience.
1. As a guide, before you slide on the cowboy boots, visit the prospective eatery website/social media platforms and review the regions where the steakhouse meat is sourced from STEAK HOUSE NEAR ME is a great search term. Now, because of competitor interests, some steak restaurant sites may not offer too much detail, either digitally or on the phone; however, once you make an appointment and identify yourself… the staff will feel more comfortable with sharing (if not boasting) all the info you’re keen to know. Something you should also consider — Just like fine wines, one has to taste what works and what doesn’t. Fine meat is a similar journey. Again, like wine, your taste will be quite selective from others. This leads to tip #2.
2. One of the best tips is to enquire if a prospective steakhouse offers a ‘tasting plate’, with a variety of cooking methods to each cut, akin to a glorified entree. Perhaps this option may not be set on the set menu, however, this is yet another great question to ask when booking. Quality steak restaurants will note your interest and respond positively.
3. From here, pony on over to a few establishments and bathe your tastebuds in a world of flavour. You’ll start to educate yourself with the glorious aspects of meat, and whether you are a scotch, sirloin, eye fillet, rib, tomahawk fan… to name only a few. Although you might not have enjoyed a particular cut, you may change your mind with meats prepared by a professional chef dispensing masterful skills unveiling amazing flavours. Prior to ordering, has it been brought to your attention that your chosen steakhouse will guarantee your enjoyment of the meat, and it will be cooked to your satisfaction? First-class establishments will always stand behind their product.
4. Now, while you’re indulging yourself to the max, have a look around. How’s the cutlery… plastic or beautiful top-shelf refinement? The furniture, napkins, tablecloth? If the management isn’t interested in providing you with the best surrounds, just how focussed are they in serving the best steak experience? Does the ‘real thing’ measure up to what you eyeballed on the website? Let’s step up your reviewing process… how is the range of drinks offered to accompany your meat selection? Plus, and here’s another biggie, how are the establishment’s condiments looking? If you only have access to red tomato sauce and brown BBQ sauce bottles, look around for the get-away horse.
5. And to ‘round up’ this conversation, how was your experience? Did any staff member advise you on different cuts, and explain what smoking/tenderising methods have assisted their meal preparation? One thing you can be sure of, great steakhouse restaurants are keen to share the full meat experience with their customers and will go out of their way to encourage and excite you with all things meat. In short, if you didn’t enjoy the best steak advice, flavour, decor and customer experience… you’re not in the best Sydney steakhouse. However, you now know what to look for. So, enjoy a sensational steak!

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