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At Elements Bar and Grill, we offer a hearty menu celebrating the finest produce and the best cooking techniques, complimented by a lively, welcoming vibe. Steak is our specialty, featuring the choicest cuts, sizzled and seared to a succulent sensation. But our commitment to awe-inspiring cuisine extends into every meal we prepare.
It’s not overly-complicated, but rather a marriage of fine food and flavour, culminating in a mouth-watering menu which meanders from perfect pasta to vegetarian delights. It also happens to boast the best steak you’ll ever taste. At Elements Bar and Grill, we are connoisseurs of cuisine, masters of steak and purveyors of flavour, and we are here to “steak our claim” as a Australian dining sensation.


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At Elements Espresso Bar, we ask you to settle yourself from all the hustle and bustle of the daily chaos and enjoy our creative and lavish menu complimented by a relaxing, welcoming vibe, with three separate seating areas for you to sit back and enjoy. Coffee is our specialty, featuring various flavours, taste and freshness. But our commitment to awe-inspiring cuisine extends into every meal we prepare. As lovers of flavour, our experienced culinary team has developed dishes to excite the taste buds, from breakfast through to dinner, it is a combination of fine food and palate with enough options to have you coming back for more!


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At Event by Elements our mission is simple - To amaze our clients and exceed all expectations by providing a complete service from start to finish. We do this by understanding your needs, adjusting to your budget and moulding ourselves to your aspirations. We look at every job as a partnership, with a common goal to perpetuate a long-lasting impression on your guests or clients by executing your event flawlessly. Whether you’re looking for a private function, a corporate event or even just some catering for the office, our experienced team will deliver an efficient and reliable service.


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We specialise in guiding hospitality businesses to success with a hands-on approach to helping you develop the correct skills and strategies to drive positive growth within your company. Providing a vast range of services to drive your business into a new era, from digital marketing strategies and support, to operational consultation and development. It is often the case that an owner is too distracted with where they want their business to be, that they can’t see the problems stopping them from getting there, and Elements Advisory can be the fresh eyes you need to correct those operational issues.


steak drop

Steak drop is the service you never knew you needed, but you definitely do. Providing a range of options from the finest cuts of fresh meat, ready to cook meal preps, weekly customised diet meals, live BBQ to a full blown catered event; all delivered straight to your front door. The Masters of Steak who brought you Elements Bar and Grill offering restaurant quality food at the comfort of your own home. If you love steak, you’ll love Steak Drop.


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Our experienced team of chefs along with our passionate catering designers at steak drop have developed a catering menu that is sure to appeal to all, with options for any occasion. We’re all about sharing great flavours, fresh produce and fine cuisine, and when it comes to functions, events and catering, it’s all about you and the experience you hope to enjoy. We welcome the opportunity to host your next private event or corporate function at your choice of venue or one of our destinations as the ultimate venue for all your occasions.


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