Top 5 ways to find the best steakhouse in Sydney

So, you are in need of a sensational steak experience? However, you’ve yet to enjoy the ultimate steak taste and you’re not too sure where to go? Well, tighten your saddle and buckle up, let’s steer (no pun intended) you to beef up (intended) your steakhouse knowledge and indulge with a brilliant dining experience. <br> 1. As a guide, before you slide on the cowboy boots, visit the prospective eatery website/social media platforms and review the regions where the steakhouse meat is sourced fro...

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4 Essential Facts About Organising a Restaurant Business Meeting

Believe it or not, choosing a restaurant to host your business meeting says a lot about you… to your business associates. After all, if your guests experience anything slow, sloppy or poorly prepared food — and you recommended the place — well, they’ll obviously feel you approve of such activities and be less inclined to accept the next invitation. After all, who wants to do business with someone with questionable standards? So, here’s some great advice to help your restaurant meetings ‘do the ...

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5 Things You Need To Ask When Deciding Your Sydney Wedding Caterer

Not only are weddings emotional and memorable experiences, they are incredibly expensive… even more so if they fall short or your and everyone else’s expectations. And, as your guests will spend 75% of the wedding day in the hands of the caterer, knowing how to choose the correct professionals will go a long way to delivering the ‘perfect day’ everyone desires. So, let’s walk down the aisle of questions and uncover the essential answers you need to know that will provide wedded (and catered)...

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Best Ways to Choose a Catering Company For Your Company’s Christmas Party.

The office Christmas Party. Are there many other words in the English language that raise staff tempos and expectations, strike fear into office management, as well as being eternally bricked into the memories of those that attend… as either a horrendous experience or a marvellous gesture from an appreciative management? Well, if the latter interests you because you were too slow to avoid being nominated as your company’s Christmas catered event organiser, you’ve come to the right blog. Cate...

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How To Get The Best Function and Catering Service Possible?

No doubt, when searching for the best function or catering experience, you’ll want to enjoy a fantastic event as well as blow all your guests away, while also making memorable moments for you/your family/business guests to long treasure. However, many-a-time these types of events unravel simply because the right caterer was not employed. So, short of calling a royal commission into how to find catering ‘value’, how does one find the appropriate answer… for an appropriate price? Well, here are...

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Would you like microchips with that steak? Or, how tech improves the dining experience

Tech? What has technology to do with how I enjoy my steak… you many ask? Well, in a world of oncoming driverless cars, cashless dining and drone food deliveries, here’s a few morsels of information that may make your appreciation of gigabytes easier to swallow. Your may be aware, in the past few years there has been the release of apps where customers can order their coffee — and now food — way ahead of pick up. Allowing bleary-eyed morning commuters to access their morning ‘wake-up-juice’ wit...

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Why the finest coffee in the world is served in Belmore

Big statement, hey? What exactly is the finest coffee? And why are we saying we offer the best in the world? Well, here’s a few thoughts on coffee and why once you taste our beautiful blend… you’ll also agree! It’s well understood that coffee is right behind petrol as the world’s most traded, and desired, product. Good thing is, in the past few decades our humble ‘tucked down under’ country is crushing it when it comes to taste and drinkability. A long way from the days when a cup of coffee wa...

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When You Want The Best Burger, Make A B-Line For Belmore!

If you want to know why Elements Espresso creates the best burgers in Belmore, you’ll need to know a bit of background info as to where burgers came from and how to get the best burger taste possible. Believe it or not, hamburgers originated from cowboys. Well, not the Hollywood western type, more the Eastern European version… rather, the Genghis Khan model. It appears that, as this mighty ‘Golden Horde’ calvary was sweeping over two thirds of the known world, and always on the move, they nee...

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The heritage of Belmore’s best pizza

Whether or not you are a pineapple fan, there is absolutely no doubt pizza is one of, if not the, most popular food choices in Australia… let alone the world! Here at Elements Espresso Belmore, customers come from far and wide to indulge with these ‘tasty triangles’. So, if you are also a keen fan of pizza, you might be keen to know a few fascinating facts about this highly-desired table pleaser. An army marches on its stomach For starters, did you know the first versions appeared between th...

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Finding the Best Sydney Steak Restaurant

You love steak, but you're tired of the same steakhouses. You want to find a new best restaurant that will serve up the best steaks in town. We know how frustrating it can be to search for a great Sydney steakhouse with all those options out there! So we've done some research and found these five top restaurants which are sure to satisfy your steak cravings.<br> Each one of these restaurants serves up delicious cuts of meat at amazing prices, so no matter what kind of budget you have, you'll b...

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Best Australian Restaurants in Sydney 2021

A steakhouse is best defined as an establishment where steaks are served. Steakhouses in Sydney are gaining popularity with each passing day because these restaurants serve some exquisite steaks that many people feel they cannot get anywhere else. Sydney is a place that has a lot to offer and its food scene. The city has all the best restaurants for meat lovers, but one of the best is Elements Bar and Grill. The steaks at Elements Bar and Grill are cooked to perfection. We also have amazing ser...

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Cocktail and wine bar with good view near the darling harbour

When you are looking for a wine bar or cocktail bar, the first thing to consider is what type of atmosphere do you want? The wine and cocktail bar scene around Darling Harbour is very diverse. There are wine bars, wine restaurants, wine tasting rooms, and so much more. You can find anything from an old pub with great beer on tap to a swanky lounge where people go to see and be seen. Elements Bar & Grill has one of the most interesting menus in Sydney. They have over 50 types of wines available ...

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